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Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all of the body products sold at Kobbleton Krafts are soy free and vegan friendly, and I do not use parabens or sulfates in any products.
Any exceptions to the vegan friendly claim will be clearly noted on listings for your convenience.
My soaps are made using organic RSPO certified palm oil (so as to not contribute to deforestation), biodegradable glitters, responsibly sourced micas, and natural colourants.
Any additives are clearly noted in the ingredients list for each soap.

My soaps are made by combining lye and a liquid (usually water) with a variety of natural oils. I will then fragrance and occasionally colour the soap – depending on the design I am looking for – and the soap is then left to cure for at least four weeks before being packaged and available for sale. 

A list of all ingredients can be found in the description of each soap.

This is a little bit like “how long is a piece of string?” as it depends on how often it is used, and how it is stored between uses. My natural artisan soaps do not contain the chemical hardening agents used in many commercial soaps and therefore need to be stored in such a way as to enable it to dry out between uses. If this is done, the life of the soap is greatly extended. However as a general guide, a standard (100gm~) bar of soap will last at least two weeks, and longer depending on how often it is used.

There are many potential “irritants” in bath and body products, and they can be both natural or synthetic – everyone has their own tolerance level for such items. Lavender essential oil, as an example, is known to be an irritant to many with extreme sensitivities, however this doesn’t automatically make it unsafe or black list it. In fact, soaps scented with lavender are one of my most requested items. However, I do make a number of ‘Unfragranced” soaps in the ‘Sensitive’ range so how about you try one of these first before trying something with a scent. You may find that without all the usual nasties in commercial soaps, you are good to use our fragranced ones too! However, due to the rigorous testing regime required, I do not class any of my products as hypoallergenic nor are they being sold as “allergy free”

I do not have any of my products independently tested (other than on family and friends who are game!) As such, I do not class any of my products as hypoallergenic nor are they being sold as “allergy free”. As very much a cottage endeavour, I simply cannot afford the expense to undertake that level of certification – however, rest assured that all products are cleared for use in handmade soaps on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances, and all use of any ingredients in my soaps is in accordance with the guidelines of the Australian Government Department of Health. 

All REAL soap is made with lye (or NaOH/sodium hydroxide/caustic soda),  mixed with a liquid (usually water, coconut milk, beer etc). Any soap product made without sodium hydroxide is detergent, not ‘soap’. Soap (proper soap) not only cleanses the skin, but nourishes as well. Detergent will strip it, and gives you that tight feeling afterwards.

Once saponification – the chemical reaction required to make soap – is complete, the oil and lye molecules have combined and are now chemically changed into soap.  

Providing all the ingredients have been measured correctly, all the lye is used up in the saponification process, meaning there is no lye present in the finished bars of soap. While all real soap must be made with lye, there is no lye remaining in the finished product.

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