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Glycerine rivers – friend or foe?

Anyone who has made soap for any period of time has almost certainly come across a phenomenon whereby that gorgeous picture you had in your head for your soap does not come out quite as planned – it has a crackly, aged look with clear tiger stripes (rivers) through it that just seem strange. But fear not – many soap makers have gone before us and have gone a long way to solving the mystery of why glycerine rivers appear, so settle back with a cuppa and come along for the ride, while we explore the mystery of Glycerine Rivers. (more…)

Beginner’s Basics – Equipment

Trying any new craft can be daunting – there is a lot of information available, which can be helpful but can also be overwhelming. Soap making is no different – it is a basic concept that can be easily over-complicated. So, lets start with what you must have, and then maybe look at some “nice to haves”. (more…)

Things I have learned so you don’t have to…

At its heart, making soap is as simple as adding two components together to cause a chemical reaction that results in soap – simple! But don’t let that fool you – if there is a way to mess up that simple process, I think I have discovered it. I won’t cover them all – none of us have that much time to spare – however some things I have learned are: (more…)

Beginners Basics – Commonly Used Terms

Batter: Once the oils and lye used to make soap are combined – emulsified – this liquid state is commonly referred to as “soap batter”. The longer you blend the soap batter – or leave it for the chemical reaction to take place – the thicker the batter becomes – known as “trace”. (more…)

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